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hello! first of all, thank you for checking out my mini website and blog! this is considered my first entry, and i think it will be worth reading. so most of you are probably all well-aware of what a ouiji board is so i don't need to explain it. the last time i used one i vowed to never touch one again, but lo and behold, 12 years later i managed to break that promise. if anyone wants to hear my past ouiji board experiences, feel free to email me. but yesterday, a friend and i delved into something pretty deep. something full of saddness and desolation; a lost soul looking for another lost soul. a quick run down before i get started--basically, i drove to visit a friend who lives in orange, texas on monday. it was about a two hour drive from houston. well, we had decided to go out that night and see this bridge in port neches that is allegedly haunted by a woman from the civil war days. it's one of those legends where the whole town knows about, has reported sightings of a womanly figure in a long white dress on the bridge and near the woods wandering. there are even photos of what's thought to be white orbs floating around the woods and bridge. granted, i've contacted spirits before, but that was years ago and since then i'd turned back into a skeptic. long story short, we created our own ouija board out of cardboard (yes, cardboard since there was no toys 'r us within a 50 mile radius). we watched a youtube video on how to "properly" create a spirit board and how to charge it with positive energy. i mean, the board was totally amateur, and chris (my hilarious and very non-provoking friend), wrote "fuck off" on the board which in hindsight was not a good idea. WHY DID WE THINK THIS WAS FUNNY!? but seriously, fucking with the "other side" is no laughing matter and it's to be taken pretty seriously. i feel like to stay on a mutual ground with spirits you should give them respect because you are, afterall, the ones contacting and opening a portal to invite them into our world. i think some level of respect should be established, especially before getting started.

so let me tell you, this was a mindblowing experience. i honestly would NEVER lie about something like this. when you use a ouija board, you use a planchet or what i like to call "cursor" as a tool for spirits to communicate with. you use two fingers to lightly (and i mean very lightly), touch the planchet so that energy guides through this device. the energy that came from the two spirits were so strong, that it wasn't physically possible for chris and i to move the planchet from what little pressure we were using. it was crazy. intense. mindboggling and ultimately disturbing. but yet, the entire experience was actually kind of positive in a sense. our adventure was heartwrenching while enlightening at the same time. i'll explain shortly, but first let me give you some insight into the main spirit we contacted--sarah jane. who was she and what on earth happened to her?

so i provided a link at the top that goes into a little more detail about the legend of sarah jane. but essentially, the story goes that during the confederate days of the civil war, sarah jane was running to hide from the union soldiers, who were notorious for separating women from their children. in an attempt to hide her baby, she placed it in a wicker basket under the bridge while she went to go hide. after the soldiers had passed, she went back for her child, only to find it gone. grief-stricken, she ran down the river calling out to her baby, "where are you, where are you?", but all she could hear were the scared cries and screams of her child who had been carried off by the tide. she couldn't hear the cries of her missing child anymore and only one obvious fact stood out: her baby had drowned in the river. so heartbroken and depressed, sarah jane allegedly enscribed into a nearby tree, "where is my baby?" before hanging herself from it.

now, who really knows the true story, i don't know, but chris and i were determined to contact the spirit of sarah jane. so we made our board, grabbed a candle, a battery-operated lamp (that served no purpose whatsoever), and salt. we read that salt is supposedly this strange compound for spirits, that many cultures use it to ward off evil spirits and negative energy--so protection. we thought, couldn't hurt! also i might add, i downloaded and bought an app that apparently measures electromagnetic radiation which is used in ghost hunts to detect levels of energy. it uses microtelsa (uT), a unit of measurement that can basically pick up charged electron particals in the atmosphere. it detects how fast the "energy" is spinning. the earth sits at an average of 30 uT, so just keep that in mind because during this entire event, we reached over 300 uT during certain periods. when we got to the bridge and unpacked the board, the bridge was resting at an average of 40-50 uT, which didn't seem alarming. so we scoped out the place and what i didn't know was that the "river" is actually a swamp. yep, there were so many alligators lurking in the dark, murky waters. i had never seen one out in the wild so this alone was exciting to me. we had a few people from the town tell us not to go anywhere near the swamp (well, duh), because they will, in fact, viciously pull you in (if this happened, we might've officially met sarah jane, herself! but we stayed above the swamp). not to mention, it was dinner time when we were out. FUN!

so let me get started on what happened. so we poured the salt in a circle, lit a candle (which had trouble staying lit and i think that was due to the wind), and recorded everything on my EMF tracker. we moved the planchette around the board a couple of times, and for the first minute and a half, nothing happened as expected. only dead silence. we started off simple, asking if there was a spirit with us and then we felt this slow and steady push towards the word "yes." like i said, the energy that we felt nearly each time was quite strong, that there wasn't a way our fingertips could glide the planchette smoothly. it was truly remarkable and otherworldly--literally. so the first spirit wasn't sarah jane. he was more of a negative energy, angry but not hostile. it told us he was male, that he went by "ms". he spelled out "kill" and we had asked if he wanted to kill us. he pointed to yes. the spirit had trouble talking to me and i'm not sure why, so i had chris ask most of my questions until he seemed to eventually warm up to me. he told us that he was killed in the swamp in 1974. he had been with a crew of 6 people on a boat, and that a woman pushed him off into the bayou. when we asked what killed him he spelled out "alligator." look, if this is true, then i could understand why he's angry. i'd be pissed off, too if i'd been pushed into alligator infested waters and torn to shreds by one. oh and he seemed to get a kick out of the phrase "fuck off" chris wrote on the board. so yeah, that happened and then after about twenty minutes, chris asked if he would get sarah jane for us. i was pretty surprised at his obedience towards us, but he obliged and "brought" us sarah jane.

now i don't know whether this was "the" sarah jane, i understand spirits and demons can be deceiving and pretending to be something they're not. but whoever or whatever this spirit was, it felt drastically different compared to "ms." i don't know how to describe it but the emotion we felt transformed from angry to sad within a matter of seconds. at this point, the EMF level was at an outstanding ~208 uT during our communication with these two. but it wasn't until we contacted sarah when it ranged from the 200-300 uT. we also had two townspeople stop and ask us questions when we were talking to sarah, i noticed that the EMF reader had dropped back down to the 100s when we talked to them. real quick, one of the guys who stopped, told us he goes fishing out here and that he and his dad have seen a mysterious white figure in the distance, and that it would vanish after awhile. we had gotten to know these guys during the night, so we assumed they weren't fucking with us. they weren't more than 21, both good christian guys who were very worried about us while we contacted sarah jane. so anyway, after a few minutes, we asked if sarah jane was with us. the spirit had responded with a yes. this is when the presence between us and the board changed. every single one of us, including our eye-witnesses had goosebumps (one of the guys didn't even speak english, by the way). while this spirit felt sad, it also felt benevolent and warm. so we started off by asking about her baby, if it had a name and she said no. we asked what happened to her child and she spelled out "sick" and then "typhoid." apparently back in the day, parents didn't always name their children until they reached a certain age since many babies weren't strong enough to survive. parents didn't want to get too attached to babies who were too sick to live. so we took that into account a possibility of her child being nameless. however, anytime we asked about her baby or her husband, you could feel her get emotional. we asked if she was still looking for her child and she said "goodbye." i asked how her husband died and she said "war". but we kept getting this sense she didn't want to talk about her baby or her husband. so instead i asked sarah what we could do to make her feel better (give her peace of mind) and she spelled out "pray and visit." we asked if she wanted us to visit her and she said yes. now you see, i don't live near orange so i was able to get out of that one but chris--sorry dude. still, i'd go visit sarah if it meant making her feel not as sad. i told sarah that i didn't live close, but i would think about her and she spelled "thanks." i also feel like i should dedicate this entry to her, in her memory and to the impact she had on us. we asked what else we could do and she said "kiss and visit your family." this was when it hit deep for us and started really getting sad. we asked her if she was angry and she said "no, but sad." i also found this out later, but apparently you are not supposed to ask spirits about the afterlifeand what it's like. but i did. i asked sarah what was it like and she responded "good and bad," i asked why is it bad and she said "lonely." then i asked if her husband was with her at least and immediately the planchett moved over "goodbye."

so i don't know if she was on bad terms with her husband, or maybe it has something to do with being trapped in purgatory if there's really such a thing (considering she kill herself, allegedly). so perhaps he's in a different place than she is and that's a sad and miserable thought for her. anyway, that was our ouija board experience with ms and sarah jane. it was insane and it really gave me insight into this other realm we struggle to connect with. or perhaps we really aren't supposed to connect at all. you never know who or what you could bring in. but i feel like chris and i made this slight connection with sarah, and that whether it was sarah we were speaking to or not, it was a good spirit, one that was lonely and needed company. she made that obvious in her words, "visit me."

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